Turkish aggression in Kassab reflects actual involvement in events since beginning

Source: horizonweekly.ca

Damascus, (SANA) Syria dismissed military aggression which the Turkish government has waged against Syria’s sovereignty and the sanctity of its land in Kassab area over past two days as reflecting Turkey’s actual involvement in the events in Syria from the beginning of the crisis up to now.

An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry labeled in a statement on Sunday Turkish aggression as “unprecedented and unjustifiable” that also reflects bankruptcy of Erdogan.

The aggression, the source noted, included firing tank and artillery shells on the Syrian territories to secure coverage for the armed terrorist groups to enter into Syria from the Turkish land.

It reiterated that these “serious” Turkish military attacks reflect Erdogan’s failure to handle the needs of the Turkish people who have rejected the Turkish government’s hostile policies against Syria as they also rejected the corruption which Erdogan is involved and uncovering the involvement which led to the Turkish people to take part in massive protests against Erdogan demanding the departure of his regime.

“This escalation came in the framework of the aggressive policies of Erdogan’s government and its openly-provided support to the armed terrorist groups,” said the source, adding that the terrorist groups have taken up the Turkish lands as a shelter, springboard and arming center for them to kill innocent Syrians and destroy the infrastructure of the Syrian people.

Syria demands Erdogan government halt its aggression, support terrorism and show respect to the Security Council’s relevant resolutions, the Foreign Ministry source said.

It also voiced Syria’s demand the Turkish government “refrain from involving Turkish army in unavailing and unjustifiable adventures against a neighboring country that have only the feelings of fraternity and good-neighborliness towards the Turkish people and the desire to continue good bilateral relations that serve the two neighboring countries and their peoples”.