Historical Background and ANCC Position

Samtskhe‐Javakheti is one of 12 administrative regions (provinces) in Georgia. An area of 6,400km2, it is located in the southern part of the country, bordering Armenia and Turkey. Armenians are 55% of the total population of Samtskhe‐Javakheti, are currently facing grave economic hardships, due to the isolation, and forced assimilation policies adopted by the central Georgian government. The economic well-being, civic engagement, and healthy social development of the Armenian population of Javakhk represent important keys to a unified, independent, and democratic Georgia that both respects pluralism and promotes local self-government.


ANCC Position

The ANCC advocates for granting the region an autonomous territorial unit status within a federal Georgia with proper representation in state institutions. The use of the Armenian language in public administration, respecting the rights of the Armenian Christian minority and the end to social engineering efforts to settle ethnic Georgians in the areas populated by the Armenians is equally important to maintain the identity of the local ethnic Armenian population.

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