ANCC Position


    • The ANCC strongly advocates for the formal recognition of the Republic of Artsakh and its people’s fundamental right to self-determination. Furthermore, the ANCC supports the peaceful resolution of the conflict through the OSCE Minsk Group initiative, strongly rejecting a resumption of hostilities and Azerbaijan’s continuous aggression towards Artsakh. Canada, through its participation in the OSCE, can play a pivotal role in advocating for the peaceful resolution of the conflict and in urging both Azerbaijan and Turkey to end their illegal blockade of Armenia and policy of isolation towards Artsakh.


    • To deter further violations from the Azerbaijani side and to reduce the chance of further escalation along the Line of Contact (LoC), the establishment of monitoring mechanisms along the LoC is the most viable and practical solution to mediate the current tensions between the Artsakh and Azerbaijan. The main characteristics for such a mechanism should be transparency and swiftness. Currently, Azerbaijani forces intentionally violate the ceasefire at all times, blaming the Armenian side for breaching the agreement. However, if these violations are correctly recorded and reported by the observers, Azerbaijan would be deterred by the risk of becoming a proved aggressor state with all its consequences.


    • According to Freedom House’s most recent “Freedom in the World” report, Azerbaijan is listed as one of the most autocratic and oppressive states in the world. The 2017 sale of Canadian-made armoured personnel carriers to Azerbaijan shocked the Armenian-Canadian community. As has been demonstrated repeatedly, the Azeri regime is adamant on using such weaponry not only to perpetuate regional instability by threatening the peace and security of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh but also to crack down on dissent at home. Canada should not run the risk of becoming complicit in Azerbaijan’s acts of violence, by contributing to the expansion of Azerbaijan’s military arsenal. The sales of dangerous weaponry to a rogue state such as Azerbaijan violate the very basic norms of Canada’s arms exports regulations and pose a significant danger to domestic and regional stability. In observance of Canada’s stated priorities regarding arms exports, namely preserving regional peace and security, and protecting human rights, the ANCC urges the government not to allow the interests and motives of hostile nations overpower our shared values of justice and democracy