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"Je Suis Hrant Je Suis Charlie"

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Jan. 19, 2015   “Je Suis Hrant Je [...]

Azerbaijan Must Be Held Responsible for Destruction of Religious and Cultural Heritage of Armenians

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   December 9, 2014   Azerbaijan Must Be Held Responsible for [...]

Letter to John Baird for Nagorno Karabakh helicopter attack

November 28, 2014 The Honourable John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs Foreign Affairs, Trade and [...]

Criminal Hacking of Canadian Websites

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   November 19, 2014   Criminal Hacking of Canadian websites [...]

Azerbaijan shot down helicopter over Nagorno Karabakh

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Nov. 13, 2014   Azerbaijan shot down helicopter over Nagorno [...]

Festival of Falsehoods

By Marsha Skrypuch Editor’s note: On February 4, 2014,  the Turkish english-language daily “Hurriyet” published [...]

‘Genocide’ Does Not Describe The Armenian Experience

Source: Jano Boghossian, April 2014 marked the 99th anniversary of the beginning of one of the [...]

Answer to Erdogan

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 5, 2014 The Armenian National Committee of Canada’s (ANCC) answer [...]

Legislative Assembly of Alberta Commemorates the Armenian Genocide of 1915

  LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF ALBERTA     For Immediate Release           [...]

ANCC Statement

Following Canada’s official recognition of the Armenian Genocide in 2004, that recognition became entrenched in [...]