Kurdish Leader Apologizes for Role in Genocide

Source: Asbarez

ISTANBUL (Marmara)—An influential Kurdish leader in Turkey, in an interview published on Sunday, acknowledged the Kurds’ role in the Armenian Genocide and apologized to the Armenians on behalf of the Kurdish people.

Turkish parliament member and the vice-president of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Congress Ahmet Turk said that in 1915 the Kurdish people had a large role in the torture and massacre of Armenians, Assyrians and Yezidis and, he as a Kurd, apologized to the Armenian people on behalf of all Kurds.

In the interview, Turk, who is also a mediator of talks between the Turkish government and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) imprisoned leader Abdullah Ocalan, urged Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to follow suit and recognize the Gencoide.

He explained that the Kurdish population was used to commit the crimes against Armenians in 1915.

“Our grandfathers and fathers were used in the injustices perpetrated against Armenians, Assyrians and Yezidis. There’s blood on their hands. With the blood of these peoples they bloodied their own hands. Thus, as their children and grandchildren, we apologize,” said Turk.

“We, as Kurds, say that we did commit these crimes, but we committed them against our will,” added Turk.

“The Turkish government, instead of denying it, must also apologize… There is a need for fundamental change here,” said Turk.

On a related note, the owner of one of the largest corporations in Turkey Itzak Alaton urged the Turkish Socio-Economic Research Center to pursue the Turkish recognition of the Armenian Gencoide.

“April 24, 1915 is around the corner. Let’s change our denialist policies. I am tired of the fear to face our past. Let’s raise our voices to our deputies in Ankara and those deputies should raise their voices to their political parties and leader in order for us to open our skeleton-filled closets,” said Alaton, who runs the Alarco Corporation in Turkey.