Facts on Armenian Genocide

Source: Toronto Star

Re: Turkey helping Syrian Armenians, Online Letter March 8

Turkey helping Syrian Armenians, Online Letter March 8

I, as an ordinary Armenian, not an ambassador, am obliged to respond to my colleague from Turkey, who, surprisingly, hasn’t come across any “substantiated historical and legal evidence” on Armenian Genocide during his distinguished career. I do not wish to go into the details of the Genocide, which has been overwhelmingly documented, but honestly believing to my colleague’s lack of knowledge I’ll just point out few directions where Dr. Tuncay Babali may replenish his academic reservoirs with certain facts.

In 2002 the New York-based independent International Center for Transitional Justice concluded that the Ottoman massacre of Armenians “includes all of the elements of the crime of genocide as defined in the Genocide Convention.” Moreover, in addition to Canada, where my Turkish colleague is accredited as an ambassador, there are more than two dozen states and several international organizations — amongst them the most renowned International Association of Genocide Scholars — who have recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide.

Another fact-finding mission is to simply travel through western Armenia, which was conquered in 11th century by Turkish nomads from Altay Mountains, and suddenly stumble upon thousands of Armenian monuments, churches, fortresses, entire cities that Turkish government didn’t even bother to rename. Ask yourself — where is the indigenous population of these cities, where are the Christian parishioners of the empty churches, how could 1,5 million people simply disappear from the face of this earth.

I think you will find a little bit of historic evidence that still lies in the land of Noah, the Cradle of Civilization that Young Turks’ government so brutally raped and desecrated. Have dignity and courage to recognize, like bright Turkish novelist, Nobel Prize winner, Orhan Pamuk. Have respect towards 10 million Armenians that still mourn their terrific losses. Have courage!

Armen Yeganian, Armenia’s Ambassador to Canada