ANCC Strongly Condemns the Opening of Military Trophies Park in Baku


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(OTTAWA – April 20, 2021) – The Armenian National Committee of Canada (ANCC) Strongly condemns the opening of the so-called “Military Trophies Park” in Baku, inaugurated by Azerbaijani President, Ilham Aliyev to glorify the horrific crimes committed by the Azerbaijani Forces against the Republic of Artsakh.

In a brazen show of anti-Armenian hatred and aggression, the park displays confiscated Armenian military hardware and humiliating displays of dead and decapitated Armenian soldiers and prisoners of war.

“Such disgusting and abhorrent behaviour is typical of the Azerbaijani leadership and a horrific demonstration of their state-sponsored hate and discrimination towards Armenia, Artsakh and the Armenian people at large,” said Hrag Darakdjian, Co-President of the ANCC.

On Monday, April 12, the park was opened to the Azerbaijani public, with much fanfare by Azerbaijani dictator Ilham Aliyev, where children were invited to view the displays of dead Armenians, further instilling Armenophobic sentiments within the new generation.

Nowhere else in the world is there such an abhorrent display of state sponsored hatred, another reason why the indigenous Armenian population of Artsakh can never again live under Azerbaijani rule.

“Only a sadistic killer with absolutely no humanity would allow for such an appalling display to be celebrated by children,” added Darakdjian.

Unfortunately, as was the case during the 44-day war, international actors have yet to condemn this horrifying act, further emboldening the Azerbaijani dictator to continue his aggressive actions and rhetoric against Armenians in the region.

“This is especially disgraceful considering that Azerbaijan is still illegally holding hundreds of Armenian prisoners of war captive and remains unpunished for the war crimes it committed during its aggression in Artsakh last year,” said Shahen Mirakian, Co-President of the ANCC.

The tripartite ceasefire announcement that was signed on November 9, 2020, specifically included terms regarding the return of all prisoners of war, which Azerbaijan has ignored.

Canada and the rest of the international community must condemn this act and take immediate action to facilitate the return of all Armenian prisoners of war and hold Azerbaijan accountable for their countless violations of international humanitarian law.

“Canada and the rest of the international community must realize that by allowing such acts to continue with impunity, peace and stability in the region will be impossible to achieve,” concluded Mirakian.



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Source: Armenian National Committee of Canada

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