September 21, 2016

NDP Foreign Affaires Critic, Hélène Laverdière, made the following statement on the Republic of Armenia’s 25th anniversary of independence:

“The New Democratic Party extends its best wishes to all Armenians on the 25th anniversary of the Republic of Armenia’s independence. Your country is a symbol of pride and unity for all people of Armenian origin.

The Canadian Parliament and the Government of Canada recognized in 2004 and 2006, the genocide suffered by the Armenian people that began in 1915. Following the First World War, Armenians founded their first republic but it soon fell victim to Stalin and the redrawing of its borders. Seven decades later, Armenia regained its independence and became a strong anchor for many in the diaspora.

Today, Armenia and Canada are cultural and commercial partners, thanks to the vitality of the Armenian community across the country. But more is possible as we improve our economic or diplomatic relations.

Happy Independence Day to all Armenians!”