June 2, 2016




The Armenian National Committee of Canada commends Germany’s Parliament (“Bundestag”) for its overwhelming vote today in favour of a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide by Ottoman Turkey. This resolution, as well as the ones recognized by Canada and other countries, gives a new opportunity for Turkey to come to terms with its past, much like Germany itself has over the past 70 years.


German recognition is a significant rebuke to Turkey and its increasingly untenable policy of denial. A world leading nation with more than 3 million citizens of Turkish origin, strong economic and social connections with Turkey at every level, and a genocidal past of its own, Germany’s acknowledgement cannot be ignored.


“If Turkey continues denying the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923, it is incumbent on other states to join Germany, Canada and over 25 other nations to combat such denial by formally and officially recognizing the Armenian Genocide”, stated Girair Basmajian, President of the ANCC. “We firmly believe that this is the only way to counter the bullying and denial by President Erdogan and official Ankara” he added.


It is important to note that Green Party Parliamentarian Cem Özdemir, who is of Turkish origin, introduced the German resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide.


Armenian Canadians are proud to live in Canada where the Armenian Genocide has been recognized by the Senate, the House of Commons and the government. The ANCC looks to Canada, as a leader in promoting and protecting human rights and democratic values around the world, to help Turkey come to terms with its past by condemning all forms of denial.


The ANCC looks forward to formal acknowledgement and recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Turkey, which can pave the way to a just resolution for Armenia and Armenians worldwide, and a future reconciliation between the two nations.





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