Turkey’s Alevi minority fear future under Erdogan presidency

By Daniel Dombey Financial Times July 2014   As he seeks to explain the stakes in Turkey’s upcoming presidential election, Zeynel Sahin recalls the morning in May when a man standing a metre (yard) away was shot dead by the police. The victim, Ugur Kurt, a cleaner, was attending a funeral in the courtyard of [...]

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Turkey’s education system discriminates against ethnic, religious minorities: Report

Hurriyet Daily News October 2015   Turkey’s education system continues to discriminate against ethnic and religious minorities, reinforcing an exclusionist definition of “Turkishness,” a joint report by the History Foundation and the Turkey branch of the Minority Rights Group has stated. The report, titled “Color, Ethnicity, Language, Religion and Belief-based Discrimination in the Turkish Education [...]

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US Human Rights Report: Tens of thousands jailed in Turkey with little clarity on charges

Turkish Minute March 2017   The 2016 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices — the Human Rights Reports — released by the US State Department on Friday said that Turkish courts had imprisoned tens of thousands of people with little clarity on charges and evidence over their alleged links with a failed coup in July [...]

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60 Minutes Exposes Turkey’s Oppression of Minority Rights

By Harut Sassounian The Huffington Post December 2009*   CBS’ 60 Minutes recently featured a devastating exposé on the violation of Greek minorities’ rights in Turkey. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of the Greek Orthodox Church, headquartered in Istanbul, courageously criticized the Turkish government for treating him as a “second-class citizen.” He went on to state that [...]

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Turkey: Crackdown on Kurdish Opposition

Human Rights Watch March, 2017   (Istanbul) – The Turkish government has jailed 13 members of the pro-Kurdish democratic opposition in parliament on terrorism charges and taken direct control of 82 municipalities in the Kurdish southeast region, suspending and incarcerating elected mayors, Human Rights Watch said today. The crackdown on democratically elected officials not only [...]

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“Turkey: Thirty Days of Shame” Week 2 Summary

-PRESS RELEASE- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 15, 2017 Contact: Sevag Belian (613) 235-2622   Editor’s Note: On April 3, 2017, the Armenian National Committee of Canada (ANCC) launched “Turkey: Thirty Days of Shame“, a campaign aimed at informing and educating Canadians about Turkey’s flagrant and consistent abuses of human rights, disregard to the principles of democracy [...]

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Résumé de la deuxième semaine de « Turquie : les trente jours de la honte »

-COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE- 15 avril 2017 Contact: Sevag Belian (613) 235-2622   Note de l'éditeur : le 3 avril 2017, le Comité national arménien du Canada (CNAC) lancera une campagne médiatique intitulée « Turquie : les trente jours de la honte » visant à informer les Canadiens des violations constantes et flagrantes de la Turquie en matière de droits de [...]

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HDP arrests: on the road to dictatorship in Turkey

By Francis O'Connor Roar Magazine November 8, 2016 In the absence of concerted international pressure on Turkey to rein in Erdogan’s authoritarianism, the only plausible outcome is further violence. The political situation in Turkey continues to deteriorate in the wake of the attempted coup d’état in July 2016, allegedly organized by the Gülen Movement, a [...]

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Turkey’s crackdown propels number of journalists in jail worldwide to record high

Committee to Protect Journalist (CPJ) December, 2016   At least 81 journalists are imprisoned in Turkey, all of them facing anti-state charges, in the wake of an unprecedented crackdown that has included the shuttering of more than 100 news outlets. The 259 journalists in jail worldwide is the highest number recorded since 1990. A CPJ [...]

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Turkey Is a Dictatorship Masquerading as a NATO Democracy

By Elliot Ackermam - Foreign Policy March 29, 2017 Recep Erdogan's slow-motion plan to abandon democracy — and buy the West's silence — is almost complete. In the lead-up to Turkey’s constitutional referendum on April 16, Selahattin Demirtas, the co-chair of the opposition pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), sits in prison. With his voice effectively [...]

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